Curatorial Assistant 

Client: S1 Artspace
Work: Audience Engagement, Events Management, Communication
Location: Sheffield
Date: Aug 19 - Current

Artists, exhibitions and events:
S1 Artists - S1 Studio Holder Takeover
- Portraits of S1  , Philip Lee, Jack Weller, Jessica Heywood, Maria Marinou, Loukas Gorgio
- Emotional Archive ,  Philip Lee
- I Can't Afford Forgetting ,  Raluca de Soleil
- Under-side, Under-stood ,  Charlotte Dawson
- Jackpot! , Ben Morris

Ilona Sagar - Deep Structure
- Walking Tour with Dr Helen Smith, Prof John Provis and Ilona Sagar
- Coffee Social with poet, Helen Angell
- Data Bodies, Social Objects with Alex Taylor, Laura Vaughan and Ilona Sagar
- Soft Power, Care and the Commons with Joanne Marsden, Howard Humphries, Jack Czauderna, Dr Julia Udall and Ilona Sagar

RESOLVE Collective - Residency
- Mobility Justice Workshop
- EYESORE Listening Project
- Impromptu band practice with COLLECTIVE SESSIONS (Huddersfield)
- Closing Party
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