Client: Matter
Work: Trends and forecasting. Strategy
Location: Bath, UK
Date: Nov 2018-19

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Details: Winner for internal competiton to create a Health & Wellness brief. Sukha, or “good space” is Sanskrit and set the intention for what I hoped the brand would become. My brief ...

"Increase accessibilty and awareness by modernising home testing kits for cervical screening by creating an hollistic whole-system wellness brand and design for women (particularly women aged 25-35)"

I was motivated by the rise of the empowering femtech brands pushing through the much needed innovation within the market. Womening designing for women. Inspired by brands such as Thinx, Elvie and Mooncup.

'England cervical screening is currently at a 19 year low with only 72.7% of women attending their screening in 2015/16. Uptake drops even lower among 25-29 olds of which only 63.3% attended equating to almost a quarter of a million young women not taking up their invitation in England.' **

'Smear' tests are something I have always feared and heard the horror stories, which usually came to the same conclusion that it was unpleasant but something we just had to put up with.  The vaginal speculum – that creepy-looking metal device used by medical staff to examine the vagina and cervix – of course was designed by a man and has remained largely unchanged since the 19th century. So I felt like there has to be another way. Home testing kits. Only 2-3 on the market in the UK, and they felt faceless and unsupportive. It was clear there was plenty of room for change!

** & all other statistics are taken from Jo's Trust, Barriers to cervical screening among 25-29 year olds (Jul, 2019)
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